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21 servings of Soylent: A review

Plain Soylent

Plain Soylent – looks tasty, eh?

Curious about Soylent? I downed it 21 times, so now I’m an expert. But I’m not a fanatic – about Soylent. I’m simply obsessed with finding the closest equivalent on the market to Jetsons food – a tasty, sterile, fully balanced, prefab meal. I ordered Soylent after reading about it in the New Yorker. I was living in Uganda, where I suffered frequently from food-borne illnesses.

Because Soylent had a lengthy backlog of orders, I received my order after a five-month wait. By that time, I unexpectedly had relocated to the United States, leaving behind my reason for drinking Soylent. But since then I’ve started taking a medication that works better with a fatty meal, and Soylent nicely provides one-third of the recommended daily allotment. Furthermore, my medicine severely depletes my energy, so Soylent – which comes in the mail – relieved me of grocery shopping and extensive food-preparation.

In short, I’ve identified three good reasons to consume Soylent: it’s clean, extremely well-balanced, and easy to prepare.Undoubtedly there are others. Continue reading


USA vs. Italy: Whose pizza, spaghetti are best?

Italian SpaghettiOn a recent trip to Rome and Naples, I was eager to finally try Italian Italian food. Was it better than the American Italian cuisine? After eleven pizzas and a couple of bowls of spaghetti, I can assure you that it’s worse.

I engaged in a very thorough exploration of Italian pizza, eating it eleven times in a wide variety of venues in Rome and Naples. I enjoyed almost all of it at least minimally. But simple pleasure pales when compared to the sublime satisfaction that even a run-of-the-mill American pizza can deliver. Continue reading