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Their goal is inclusive, so why not the app?

Recently, while searching for a story to report about world-changing, I read a press release about MyGIHealth, which seemed quite promising. As I understood it, people with gastrointestinal problems could use a free app or website to record their symptoms, get meaningful medical feedback, and share a rich record with their physicians. This seemed like a great way to help.

And probably it is for thousands of people. But it works fully only as an iOS app, so large numbers of potential users, including me, are shut out. Surely this results from a mismatch of goals and activities. Continue reading


Social marketing

What is social marketing?

Social marketing is using the techniques of marketing to change behaviors – influencing people to change their practices rather than simply to buy products. It has been used to help people quit smoking, use different light bulbs, and study more effectively. It could help people choose less-polluting transportation here in Jakarta.

When to use social marketing?

„If motivating people to change is:

  • Easy or unimportant, then education might be appropriate – for example, providing information about train schedules or the location of bicycle lanes works for people who already are committed to these forms of transportation. But generally (and sadly) education is less effective than marketing or force. Continue reading

The Miracle Store, part two

Recently, I outlined what I believe to be a top-notch, long-term service project, which I call the Miracle Store. The project would consist of establishing kiosks in malls to collect donations for various international charities. In this post, I would like to relate this project to the relief efforts in Haiti and to suggest a way to increase the number of donors.

Haiti – please send money

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ready-made, effective way to collect money for the relief efforts in Haiti? A Miracle Store could do this by simply adding new options to the menu. Continue reading

The Miracle Store – the best service project ever!

The project

Looking for a service project for your school or group? The most effective service project that I can think up is what I call the Miracle Store: establishing kiosks in malls to collect donations for various international charities.

Continue reading