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Xero Shoes’ Amuri Venture: Hands-on Review


(They’re not actually purplish.)

I bought the Amuri Venture sandals from Xero Shoes more than a year ago. My main use of them has been walking, and I’m fairly happy with them. (I’ve also bought and reviewed Xero’s original and Contact DIY sandals and their Ipari Hana shoes.)

The main reason to buy Xero footwear is if you want the closest experience to going barefoot while protecting the bottoms of your feet. I’m not an ideologue on going barefoot(-ish): I simply found that I can avoid or recover from plantar fasciitis and Achilles pain by doing so. Continue reading


Xero Shoes’ Ipari Hana: Hands-on Review

xero-ipari-hanasXero has made my favorite footwear for more than six years. (I’ve bought – and reviewed – Xero’s original do-it-yourself sandals and their DIY Contact sandals, and soon I’ll add the prefab Amuri Ventures.) Sadly, though, sometimes I need to wear actual shoes – due to social expectations or the weather. So I’ve worn through a succession of “barefoot”/zero-drop/minimalist shoes from Nike, Merrell, Vivobarefoot, and Skora. But I always lamented that none quite had the salutary feel of the Xeros – if only they made closed-toed shoes!

Now they do – the Ipari Hana. So I bought a pair, and I’ve worn them for almost three months. Continue reading

New ‘Contact’ sandals from Xero Shoes: Review

Last summer, I bought the latest edition of Xero Shoes (formerly Invisible Shoes), which are minimal sandals marketed for barefoot running. (The company calls them ‘huaraches,’ but I’m more of a traditionalist on that score.) I got them because I really liked my original-edition Xero Shoes (as seen in my review of them), but the new model appeared to address my few complaints about them. I use my new sandals almost daily for walking, and I’ve taken them for many hikes and trail runs on different terrains. In short: they’re even better  than the originals, and they are my footwear of choice for most activities.

The originals had three drawbacks from my perspective. Continue reading