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Trump dossier: A brief synopsis

I read the entire Trump dossier, downloaded from Buzzfeed. News coverage has been unfocused and overly pussyfooted, eliding the unverified, second-, third-, and fourthhand claims within. Even though some or all of the information is likely distorted or just plain wrong, the possibility that some or all of the claims are correct makes them vital to know. So here they are: Continue reading


‘With’ Sanders since Day 1, I’m voting for Clinton

On the day Bernie Sanders declared his candidacy, I contributed $15 to his campaign. He came closer to representing my positions than any politician I can remember. I made several other investments in fundamental change as the Democratic primary season wore on. I still think that Sanders was spot-on in his critique of Hillary Clinton and his complaints about party officials favoring her. But I also have no doubt about joining him in voting for her. Continue reading

A socialist is a contender? All bets are off

I’m just flabbergasted: I can’t remember a self-declared socialist (Bernie Sanders, duh) winning a primary – and basically tying in another. Of course, Obama, FDR, and others have been called socialists by detractors, but I think something quite momentous has happened when a person who forthrightly and unapologetically declares himself a democratic socialist becomes serious candidate in a nationwide contest.

And, hey, he’s Jewish, too – another first!

So any predictions regarding his ability to pass legislation seem dubious because, obviously, (almost?) no one predicted his success thus far. Continue reading