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Stealthing: Surveys won’t reveal it, trash might

A recent article in a law journal has drawn considerable attention to ‘stealthing‘: when a man secretly removes his condom and continues having sex. Aside from being a heinous violation of trust and hygiene, stealthing reveals one of the many weaknesses in surveys of condom use in East Africa. In short, people could answer honestly that they used condoms.

One of the many problems with condom-use surveys – aside from the rampant lying – is that they don’t ask how condoms are used. Continue reading


Condoms haven’t ended HIV – but reduce it

A recent article in the New York Times included a dangerously misleading passage:

Funding decisions for H.I.V. prevention have long been mired in an ideological battle pitting condoms versus abstinence. But experts note that the conflict is fading: Neither condoms nor abstinence has stopped the AIDS epidemic among gay Americans or heterosexual Africans.

What’s wrong here? Continue reading