Cheap & easy wind power – available now

We recently signed up to get all of our home’s electricity from wind farms – 100 percent! The process took maybe 15 minutes and added a mere $5 to our monthly bill. Does that sound too expensive? We could have gotten 50 percent of our power from wind farms at no extra cost whatsoever.

What’s the secret? Arcadia Power works with our utility here in DC. They pay our bill for us and certify that wind power is generated in the Midwest to offset the dirty energy that our utility supplies. Arcadia’s website has a more involved explanation, as do positive articles on Grist and Treehugger.

I can’t figure out where Arcadia Power doesn’t work. I entered zip codes on their homepage (no sign up required!) and found coverage for addresses in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Georgia, and California.

This seems like a great way to reduce pollution, including greenhouse gases, without paying much more per month or possibly anything extra at all. Check it out!

NOTE: I get no financial benefit from Arcadia Power. I just want to reduce environmental damage.


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