Malmö, Sweden: ridiculously good traffic program

The efforts to promote mass transit and cycling in Malmö, Sweden, are truly inspirational. I perform research on behavioral change – institutional and individual – related to transportation in Jakarta. The goal is to aid efforts that will reduce air pollution – for easier breathing and for reduced global warming. Malmö has perhaps the most committed and creative efforts to do this. While local conditions vary, other polities could adapt much of what the Malmöans are doing.

  • The city’s website provides information on a large range of ambitious programs to promote sustainability – not just in transportation.
  • This brochure describes initiatives relating directly to traffic. It’s not for specialists: it features everyday language and big, pretty pictures. It certainly inspired me. I particularly like the way that they combine social marketing with engineering: building nice facilities is important but only part of promoting change.
  • The “No Ridiculous Car Trips”campaign is the most famous aspect of Malmö’s efforts. Its goal is to get drivers to think twice before using their cars for short journeys. Other cities have copied this program. Here’s a video about it:


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