A good home workout without special equipment

For years, I’ve been on the lookout for a good set of strengthening exercises to complement my running. In short, I would like a workout that substitutes for using weight machines at a gym. And I think that this workout has finally found me, via the commercials for Vaseline Men featuring Michael Strahan.

I like the Strahan workout because it works diverse muscle groups in almost every exercise, improves my coordination along with my conditioning, entails less drudgery than my previous workout, and feels like a full-fledged, whole-body workout.

The (uncredited) PDF depicting the exercises is here. I’ve reordered the workout so that I alternate between exercises focused on my arms, legs, and abs, and I’ve put the two easiest exercises first as part of my warm up. I skip the few exercises that require a weight machine.


I downloaded the PDF from the site advertising the Vaseline products, but I can’t find it there anymore. Perhaps they fear lawsuits from people who injure themselves. In a similar vein, I should note that I am not trained in exercise science and am only sharing my experience, rather than giving an expert recommendation. Indeed, I’ve searched online unsuccessfully for an expert opinion regarding this workout.

Finally: I have no opinion about or stake in the Vaseline Men products, which I’ve never tried.


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