Purton Hupp

Purton Hupp doesn’t like to talk much, and even less about himself. Now, singing is another thing altogether. I’ve spent enough time with the man to know that his music is like waves noisily crashing against the shore. It’s easy to forget there’s a whole ocean behind it.

Still, I’ve learned a bit from the man. I hope he doesn’t mind my sharing some of it here:

  • Crickets don’t tweak their songs. The leaves don’t tweak their rustling.
  • If it weren’t for bosses, no one would sing about trains.
  • Love is like a hurricane in the desert.
  • If you’re proud of feeling zen, then you might be ashamed of feeling pain.
  • Jokers are wild by nature. Most people prefer to play without them and don’t miss them when they aren’t in the deck.

Now you can listen to Purton break – sometimes against a cliff, sometimes on the rocks, and too seldom across the sand.


2 responses to “Purton Hupp

  1. Must say, have a Purton Hupp CD. I’m impressed.


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